Assorted Novelty cards

Press passes, employment badges and more.

Custom Made Novelty IDs

We can custom produce ID\'s and documents.

Novelty Bank Cards

Open your $1,000,000 novelty bank account today.

Novelty Degrees & Diplomas

Get instant graduation without all of the hard work. Our degrees come with embossed raised seals identical to the originals.

Novelty ID cards

ID cards - government, work, military and more.

Novelty Social Security Cards

High-grade novelty social security cards.

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Novelty State LicensesNovelty State Licenses $250.00
Novelty Student CardNovelty Student Card $100.00

Latest Blognovelty ID happenings

Discount Promo sale - New customers get $50off! offer

Sometimes people need a reason to buy. Here are fifty of them for you. Don't miss out.

Discount novelty ID and document promo sale. For a limited time, new customers will receive $50, or currency equivalent, off of their first order. We know that sometimes finding a reason to buy something is needed. We have decided to do just that. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Enter coupon promotion: 50my1time during checkout.

Website upgrading

Please excuse our dust as we are upgrading our website. We are adding products all the time and much of what we sell is not listed. If you are looking for something specific then send us a note. We should be 100% up around mid November 2009. Until that time, you will NOT see all of our available products. Please inquire if you are looking for something specific.

Don't send a cash payment until requested to do so

I understand that some of you are very excited to receive your novelty ID / documents and more. However, you must wait until you are sent a payment link before you make payment. People are starting to send, or attempt to send cash, once they receive their initial invoice to the address in Amsterdam which is on the invoice. That is NOT how it works.  All orders are vetted. For those that don't understand what that means. We do our own due diligence before we make a product or item for you. This takes time.  We are looking at the possibility of setting up a Western Union payment method - but I'm not sure.  So, please do not take it upon yourself to try to send cash to us, until you are provided with your final invoice - WHICH COMES AFTER our request for more personal information (Picture etc) used to complete your novelty order. Questions? Send me an email.

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Novelty NewsLatest news from Contrivity

Contrivity has decided to open up a forum for all our visitors.  Sign-up and participate, but make sure you read the rules.

We have had many people request that we open up a forum, so we have. The forum started on September 21, and will be pretty empty until people start becoming aware of it. Inside you will find a lot of different topics dedicated to novelty ids, novelty documents, money making advice and more.  Check it and start talking: Click Here {{CLOSED DUE TO SPAM ABUSE}}

Sometimes you just have to wonder

I have seen a lot of fake / novelty sites popping up all over the place. It makes me wonder what these guys are thinking? The rip other sites pictures, 80% of them use the exact same pictures. Then they create these ranking top list sites, and put there sites at the top and write these bullshit endorsements for themselves. I guess it has to be working to some degree - probably getting all the 16 year old dumbasses that don't know any better. I hope you can see the difference between us and them.  If you can't write me or use or forums, and I will be happy to explain.

Our turn-around time on products

Lately, I have received many questions about how long it takes for us to produce a document and ship it. Here is one thing that I want to make clear: If you are asking this question, then I would recommend that you visit one of the hundred of other ID sites out there and order from them. In fact, select their overnight shipping option for an additional fee. Then, after you have tried a couple of these and never receive anything, you will understand the difference between us and them. Generally, all of our documents are produced when ordered. We get together a small select team that will work on your individual order. Consider Contrivity as being the boutique amongst the industry. Everything is custom done - and of course with this exclusivity comes price and producing custom products takes time. Depending on your order you can expect an average of about 15 days for us to ship it out to you.

Tips on using a novelty ID

Using a novelty ID can be nerve racking. There is always the possibility of you getting busted. Here's the good news. Most bars/clubs that catch you using a novelty license are just going to take it from you. If you do lose your license rack it up as experience. If you stand there and try to fight that it is real etc - there' s a good chance that the police will be called. Then your night gets a lot worse. Presentation of a document is very important. If you are confident with your ID then it becomes a lot more believable to the person that is accepting it. Try off small with using your ID to do small things like opening up a video rental membership, getting a library card, buying beer from a small local shop. After you are more comfortable using your ID then you can move on to more important things like your favorite club.  Try to go with at least a couple of people that are of age so that you don't stand out so bad.

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Novelty State LicensesNovelty State Licenses $250.00

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Novelty Degree HustonNovelty Degree Huston $150.00

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US Novelty Birth Certif ...US Novelty Birth Certificate $500.00
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